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Korea Analysis is a quarterly journal, providing the audience with a regular and in-depth analysis of major issues of contemporary Korea and the Korean peninsula. Starting in September 2015, Korea Analysis will be published in both French and English. In addition of key interviews, articles are of two types: op-eds from distinguished Korean scholars and short academic articles based on local sources – Korean academic journals, articles from various Korean think-tanks, newspapers, either in Korean or English. Each issue of Korea Analysis presents a “Dossier” including four of five articles on one key issue while other articles, more diverse, are published under “En décalage”.

Article topics are drawn directly from Korean current affairs, or from heated debates in the Korean press. Thus, the aim of the review is to relay and analyze the Korean view on the country’s and the peninsula’s current events. More precisely, Korea Analysis covers a number of topics, including subjects related to Korean politics, economics and society, North Korea, geopolitics and international relations in the Korean peninsula, etc.


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Vous pouvez consulter en ligne les numéros ci-dessous :

Korea Analysis n°6 – La défense nationale sud-coréenne, mai 2015

Korea Analysis n°5 – Aspects de la société sud-coréenne, février 2015

Korea Analysis n°4 – Le système politique sud-coréen, novembre 2014

Korea Analysis n°3 – Les particularismes économiques de la Corée du Sud. L’aide publique au développement : un modèle coréen ?, juin 2014

Korea Analysis n°2 – Instabilité croissante de l’environnement politique de la Corée du Sud. La Corée du Nord en question, mars 2014

Korea Analysis n°1– Introduction aux enjeux actuels de la Corée, janvier 2014

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