ICAS12 Kyoto 2021 – Panel on Tourism and COVID-19 in Asia. Deadline : 24 September 2020


The COVID19 outbreak has profoundly altered tourism mobility in Asia. According to last year’s UNWTO statistics, the region ranked second in the world both in terms of international tourist arrivals (25%) and income (30%) and had a bright growth forecasts. The border shutdown has led to a total collapse of international tourism. This panel will examine the broad range of consequences that this pandemic has for the tourism sector. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: To what extent has domestic tourism compensated the losses of international tourism, and thus been promoted? How have tourism professionals adapted to the crisis? Has the crisis deepened inequalities in the tourism sector, whether related to social class, gender or ethnicity? What policies have the States opted for in support of the industry? This pandemic also exposes the realities and impacts that the tourism industry can generate locally. How did the people react to the collapse of tourism and how have they or not been resilient in this context of uncertainty? Has this crisis acted as an opportunity to halt already conflicting projects and rethink tourism (overtourism, diversification of clienteles, etc.)? Another issue is waste: with the extensive use of masks and disposable objects, especially in restaurants and accommodation, plastic waste has risen sharply, undermining the efforts that had been made to reduce it. More generally, the questions relating to environmental, social and economic sustainability have become all the more relevant.

If interested, please submit an abstract of 250 words or less to Emmanuelle Peyvel at Emmanuelle.peyvel@univ-brest.fr or Juliette Sendra, at juliette.sendra7@gmail.com before Thursday, September, 24nd.

Please also include a short bio detailing your current position.

Chair: Matthew J. Trew, Ph.D. in Anthropology, Northern Illinois University
Discussant: Emmanuelle Peyvel, Associate Professor in Geography at the University of Brest (France) and Juliette Sendra, PhD student in Anthropology, Aix-Marseille University, Asian Research Institute (IrAsia)


The International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) is a global platform enabling individuals and institutions from all over the world to come together to exchange views on a variety of issues pertaining to Asia. The Convention attracts participants from around 75 countries to engage in global dialogues on Asia that transcend boundaries between academic disciplines and geographic areas. The meeting place for the twelfth edition of ICAS is Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is famous for its world-heritage sites, temples, gardens, palaces, and craft centres. Kyoto Seika University (SEIKA) will be the main host of ICAS 12; it will partner with the city, Kyoto Prefecture, The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto, and the city’s museums and craft centres.

Events will include: panels and roundtable discussions, craft exhibitions, an Asian film festival and the ICAS Asian Studies Book Fair. With all these activities ICAS contributes to the decentring of Asian Studies while convening a global space in which Asia scholars and social and cultural actors from the whole world can directly interact. Participate at ICAS 12 and enjoy the multitude of networking opportunities, possibilities to share your research and to meet with publishers.



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