2021 AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies. Application Deadline : October 16 (Friday), 2020. (Korea Standard Time)

The Academy of Korean Studies runs the “AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies” in order to provide international scholars with an opportunity to carry out their research(dissertation research).


Foreign scholars of foreign university (including those who have Korean nationality with permanent residence status in foreign countries) in the humanities and social sciences, who are currently engaged in Korea-related teaching and research activities, are eligible to apply. Also Doctoral candidates who have completed all academic requirements except for their dissertation (i.e., ABD) from institutions outside Korea are eligible

※ Those who have received AKS fellowship within the last 3 years(based on application submission date) are ineligible for this program.

※ Those who are under disciplinary actions from Korean government and other Korean government affiliated institutes are not eligible for this program

Fellowship Period

The fellowship period should begin within year 2021(from January 1st and December 31st, 2021). The applicants can apply for minimum one month to maximum one year support.

Fellowship Grant

  1. Airfare: Economy-class round trip airfare(Only offered to overseas awardees)

※ The airfare will be reimbursed based on the actual ticket price but the reimbursement should not exceed the amount of Government Transportation Request(GTR) cost according to the 2021 budgetary guidelines of international airfare.

  1. Monthly Stipend: 2,000,000 won

※ Please note that we do not offer monthly stipend for research period less than 15 days and offer full monthly stipend for research period 15 or more days

  1. Access to the facilities of AKS including the library
  2. Up to 50% discount of AKS Guest House charges

Selection Process

All applications are reviewed by the screening committee. The criteria for the screening are as follows:

Selection Criteria

  1. The merit of the research plan and the feasibility of carrying out the proposed research at AKS
  2. Possibility of contribution to the development of Korean studies
  3. Etc: Research track records, possibility of joint teaching and researches with AKS professors & researchers

Required Documents

  1. Application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae(CV)
  3. Certificate of Employment(Registration)
  4. Extra Documents for Doctoral Candidate

⑴  Master’s and Doctoral Program Transcript(1 each)

⑵  Certificate of Ph.D. course completion(Document that proves ABD status)

⑶  2 Reference Letters(1 from Ph.D. dissertation director)

※ Applicants who have Korean citizenship should submit permanent residence document.

※ All applications and required documents should be prepared in English or Korean only. If not, the certified translation document(English or Korean) must be attached.

Submission Method: Online submission at the Academy of Korean Studies’


Click on the URL below:


or visit (CEFIA English) https://www.aks.ac.kr/ikorea/english/

→ Search ‘2021 AKS Fellowship Program for Korean Studies ’ from ‘Notice’ .

– Online submission at the Academy of Korean Studies’ website: click on the ‘Application‘ below

※ Please submit all the required documents online (hard copy will not be accepted).

※ Please refer to the Online Application Manual.

Application Deadline

All applications must be received by October 16 (Friday), 2020. (Korea Standard Time)

※ Applicants should submit the required documents(scan file) by Online Submission

※ Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


Pour plus d’informations, voir le site de l’AKS.

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