2021 KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training. Application Deadline : August 31, 2020 18:00 p.m. (Korean Standard Time)

Since 1993, the Korea Foundation has offered an annual fellowship program for Korean language training(KLT) for the general promotion and dissemination of the Korean language, which is the basis of promoting Korean studies and Korea-related activities overseas. In accordance with the guidelines listed below, the Foundation is currently accepting applications for its 2021 KLT program.

Program Outline

The KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training (KLT) program provides an opportunity for graduate students of Korean studies, Korean studies researchers and those working in Korea-related fields overseas to learn Korean in an intensive immersion program at a university in Korea for at least six months.

Number of Available Fellowship Awards

Approximately 40 per year

Those who are majoring in Korean studies (humanities, social sciences, and arts & culture), are currently involved in Korea-related research, or are working in a Korea-related field and correspond to one of the following profiles may apply for the KLT program. All those who apply must be able to understand and speak at least basic Korean.

Terms and Details of Program Support

1. Living expenses (paid on a monthly basis)

① Undergraduates, BA or MA degree holders or individuals with less than three years of related career experience: KRW 1,000,000

 PhD candidates and those with at least three years of related career experience: KRW 1,200,000

2. Travel allowance: KRW 300,000 (one-time benefit)

3. Tuition and fees for learning institution

4. Health insurance (accident insurance and medical care insurance provided by a Korean insurance company)

Program Schedule

1. Application Period: July 1, 2020 12:00 p.m. to August 31, 2020 18:00 p.m. (Korean Standard Time)

2. Notification of Results: December 2020

Please note: The notification date is subject to change without prior notice. Applicants will be notified individually via e-mail.

3. Fellowship Period: 6 months (minimum) to 1 year (maximum)

– Applicants may start their fellowship period in March or September 2021.

– If fellowship recipients demonstrate outstanding results, their fellowship period may be extended for up to two three-month periods, adding up to a maximum total period of 12 months.

– Applicants should participate in the fellowship program for at least 6 months.


Pour plus d’informations, voir le KF Application Portal.

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