Call for Overseas Translation Workshop Program 2020. Application Period : December 2, 2019 ~ January 5, 2020 (24:00 KST)

Through the Overseas Translation Workshop Program, LTI Korea provides funding assistance for Korean literature translation workshops held abroad.

We seek applications from overseas universities with Korean studies programs.

1. Introduction: Our grants cover the costs of running a Korean literature translation workshop and inviting a Korean writer.

2. Eligibility: Overseas universities with Korean language or Korean literature programs in all language groups are eligible to apply.
※ Number of Recipients: around 15 universities (subject to change)

3. Prerequisites
a) Faculty with the ability to guide a Korean literature translation workshop, and adequate facilities to run a translation workshop program for one term (at least one session per week for three months)
b) At least 7 students with sufficient linguistic proficiency and literary understanding

4. Grant Details: Support fund and the costs of inviting Korean writers.
a) Partial funding towards operational costs and faculty fees
– Faculty fees to be paid in accordance with the university’s pay scale.
– Operational costs: coordinator fees, promotional and running costs, etc.
b) We provide funding (travel expenses and honoraria) for inviting the Korean author/scholar of the set text to participate in the workshop.
※ Unless in exceptional circumstances, we transfer the grant into the university’s bank account.
※ The exact amount of the grant is decided in consideration of a number of factors including the total budget and local prices.
※ The grant is paid in euros for countries using the euro and in US dollars for all other countries.

5. Obligations
a) Korean literature translation seminars
– Translate Korean literature (1 short story / 20 poems) into a foreign language. The chosen text must be fully translated during the seminars.
– Period: 12 weeks (at least once a week)
b) Korean literature translation workshop and author lecture
– Period: 2~3 days
– Workshop: Q&A and discussion with the author (or scholar) of the set text (at least two two-hour sessions)
– Literary event: lecture for students in the Korean department or general readers, discussion with scholars and authors, readings (at least once)
※ LTI Korea may request amendments to the university’s seminar/workshop/literary event proposal.
c) Final report and proof of expenditure must be submitted within one month of the completion of the project.
※ Please use the form provided by LTI Korea.

6. Application and Selection Process
a) Application Period: December 2, 2019 ~ January 5, 2020 (24:00 KST)
b) How to Apply: Applications are accepted by email only (

Pour plus d’informations, voir le site du KLTI. 

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