2020 Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators. Application period: July 1 to 18:00 KST, September 10, 2019

The Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators provides secondary-school teachers and education administrators overseas an opportunity to promote understanding about Korea and broaden the scope of Korea-related education in their classrooms. The Korea Foundation is currently accepting applications from overseas institutions that are interested in hosting the Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators in 2020.

◈ Eligible Applicants

Educational/research institutions abroad (universities, research institutes, and etc.) or Korea-related cooperative exchange institutions

 Institutions in Korea are not eligible to receive assistance from this program.

 Workshop Outline

     1. Contents

– Korean studies lectures by qualified Korea specialists (language, culture, society, education, politics,

   economy, international relations, and etc.)

– There must be at least one discussion session on Korea-related curriculum development and

   instructional methods.

– Cultural activities and etc.

     2. Period: 1~3 days (Workshops should be held in February – October, 2020)

     3. Eligible Participants

Individuals currently working in an education-related sector outside of Korea (middle and high school teachers, education administrators, textbook publishers, and etc.)

 The Korea Foundation recommends that the minimum number of workshop participants is 30 and

      that at least 70% of participants are teachers of history or social studies.

  KF Program Support 

For direct project costs, including lecturer invitation fees (honoraria, accommodations, meals, and transportation cost), administrative expenses, publication fees for workshop booklets and promotional materials, costs for workshop preparation meetings, and participant accommodations

※ The KF does not provide support for transportation fees for participants, and does not cover any expenses for workshops visiting Korea.   

Pour plus d’informations, voir le KF Application Portal.

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