Yannick Bruneton, Kim Daeyeol, « Paris Consortium (RESCOR), as the first and the unique international network of French-speaking Korean Studies, supports the boom of Korean Studies in Francophone countries and aims to build an extensive network of cooperation »

Paris Consortium (also called the “Réseau des Etudes sur la Corée”, RESCOR) is a consortium of three French academic institutions (Paris Diderot University UPD, Institute of Oriental Studies INALCO, and the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences EHESS) selected since 2010 as one of the Core University in the framework of Core University for Korean Studies Program and extended in 2015 (until 2020 aiming to “foster a new generation of French-speaking specialists in Korean Studies”).

The RESCOR is offering alternative path of Korean Studies globalization through networking French-Speaking countries around the world, as such it is the first and the unique Francophone network, and it is playing a unique role in the context of the boom of Korean Studies abroad. The purpose of the consortium consists in setting up cooperation relationship (mainly by e-networking) between Francophone countries and French-speaking specialists in Korean Studies. According to its own survey, French-speaking Korean Studies network potentially represents about 40 universities (or academic institutions) in 20 countries and around identified 100 specialists. Recently, more than 8000 different people visited the blog of the RESCOR (parisconsortium.hypotheses.org, operated from 2012, presently about 1500 blog entries, various reports, surveys, announcements, articles) for a total of 13 500 visits (in November 2018). Apart from its blog, the Consortium created a Website (operated from 2013, reseau-etudes-coree.univ-paris-diderot.fr) including a database on Korean Studies (obviously mainly in French, at the present time about 800 titles) and a translation site (from 2015). Thus, Paris Consortium acquired a significant experience in bringing together capacities and resources available for research and education, previously disseminated in different universities and research institutions. Lire la suite sur le site du KSPS .

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