KLTI International Exchange Program 2019

From 2019 onwards, the International Exchange Program will be operated as an open call program. Please refer to the guidelines for details.

  1. Eligibility

– Organizations such as overseas publishers, overseas Korean studies programs, international literary festival planning committees

– Individuals such as authors, translators, and scholars.

  1. Grant Details

– Literary events or activities held in or outside Korea
– Academic events or activities related to Korean literature and translation held in or outside Korea
– Other events or activities related to the globalization of Korean literature held in or outside Korea
※ Events already held by the date the results are announced are ineligible

  1. Support Offered

Direct expenses (promotion, remuneration, rent, airfare, lodging, local transportation, project expenses, etc.)

※ Regular operating expenses (personnel, office operation, or business expenses) will not be subsidized

  1. Grant Amount

The grant amount will be decided based on the budget breakdown provided by the applicant, taking into consideration the local prices and LTI Korea’s budget.
※ The grant amount will be paid in American dollars expect for countries where the euro is used.

  1. Required Documents
  2. Application form (prescribed format, English or Korean)
    – Include details like grant amount, event schedule, status update, etc.
  3. Introduction of the organizing institution and person in charge (free format, English or Korean)

– Include name of institution, year of establishment, details of previously held events, etc.

iii. Other supporting documents (detailed event plan, invitation letters, contracts, promotional materials, etc. Invitation letters are compulsory in case of inviting people.)

  1. Application Deadline & Announcement
Quarter Deadline Announcement
1 ~ 3. 31. April end
2 ~ 6. 30. July end
3 ~ 9. 30. October end
4 ~ 12. 31. January end


※ Events already held by the date the results are announced are ineligible.

※ The application deadline is 24:00 Korea time.

※ 2019 Q1 applications are due on November 30, 2018.

  1. How to Apply

Applications should be emailed to exchange@klti.or.kr

  1. Selection Criteria

Event plan, budget, promotional impact for Korean literature and translation, applying institution’s organizational capability, etc.

  1. Post-selection Procedure
  2. MOU signing
  3. Payment of first installment

iii. Event

  1. Final expense report

※ Receipts and other proofs of expenses should be submitted within one month of the event

  1. Balance payment

※ The grant will be paid out in two installments, expect for cases where LTI Korea deems it necessary to pay out the entire grant in one installment.

  1. Note

– Submitted documents will not be returned.

– LTI Korea may ask the applicant to submit additional documents or to adjust project details.

– The applicant must execute the budget as per the grant amount and details approved by LTI Korea.

– Contact : European Languages Team (exchange@klti.or.kr / +82-2-6919-7748)

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