European Program for the Exchange of Lecturers (EPEL). Deadline: 15 September 2018


The European Program for the Exchange of Lecturers (EPEL) is sponsored by the Korea Foundation. Every year AKSE draws up a comprehensive proposal and budget for future years. The AKSE proposal consists of proposals from individual universities. Lectures sponsored by this program should be an integral part of the curriculum of the institution where they are presented. The lecturers are reimbursed for their travel within European countries, accommodation expenses, and meals by the AKSE Treasurer, upon presentation of receipts, but lecturers are not paid a lecture fee. This program offers excellent opportunities for AKSE members to augment their institutional offerings and to meet and exchange ideas concerning both research and teaching.

Please send your proposal to the AKSE President by 15 September 2018. Your proposal must contain: the names of scholars, the titles of lectures, the dates of the lectures, a budget for transportation, hotel, and meals. All applications must be sent to the President of AKSE in Microsoft WORD. Lecturers will pay their own expenses and then request reimbursement by sending the correct form with receipts to the treasurer, Dr. Koen De Ceuster. All reports of lectures given have to be sent to the President of AKSE for report to the Korea Foundation. These reports are usually due in July of every year.

Further Guidelines for Applications to EPEL

Priority is given to applications from universities where there are few teaching staff. EPEL Guest Lecturers can assist teaching staff in replacing a limited number of teaching hours. EPEL lectures have to be a part of courses taught and not form a special seminar. The lectures have to offer academic credits or units and form a part of examinations. All applications must explain how these conditions are met. The AKSE President and Council will endeavour to secure adequate funding from the Korea Foundation to support EPEL applications, but the final funding decision resides with the Korea Foundation and only partial funding may finally be available to applicants. These circumstances are beyond the control of the AKSE President and Council. It is for these reasons that applicant universities are strongly encouraged to seek and secure alternative sources to support Guest Lecturers. Pour plus d’informations, voir le site de l’AKSE.

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