Shin Hyun Bang, « Circulations of urbanism and real estate capital : The case of Korean developers in Vietnam », 13 avril 2018

Dans le cadre de séminaire pluridisciplinaire d’études coréennes

Shin Hyun Bang
(London School of Economics and Political Science)

présente une conférence intitulée

« Circulations of urbanism and real estate capital :
The case of Korean developers in Vietnam »

le 13 avril 2018
à la Maison d’Asie / Salle du RdC
22 avenue du Président Wilson Paris 75016

Abstract: Inter-referencing within the global South becomes an important mode of development for cities in the region: Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Seoul emerge as a source of inspiration by other cities in the global South, despite questions about the replicability of their development models. Against this backdrop, this paper examines the transnational flow of real estate capital originating from East Asia, in this case South Korea, to Vietnam. The paper explores the extent to which Korean developers’ participation in Vietnam’s urban and housing development reflects traces of Korean developmental urbanism that would have cumulated through their participation in urban and housing development in South Korea. The paper is based on the qualitative data collected during my field research in Vietnam in 2017, including interviews with Korean developers and engineering firms as well as local elites and professionals.

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