2018 Publication Support Program. Deadline 2nd October 2017 at 18:00

Program Outline

To promote a better understanding of Korea throughout the global community, Korea Foundation offers financial support for the publication of Korea-related books, in non-Korean languages, by publishers worldwide. The Publication Support Program for the year 2018 is outlined here for the reference of applicant publishers who are interested in applying for this assistance.

Eligible Applicants

Publishers in Korea and abroad
* Individual writers and translators are not eligible to apply for program assistance.

* Publishers can submit applications for a maximum of two (2) publications.

Eligible Publications

Newly written books in non-Korean languages
Translation of original works
* Translation of  Korean books into non-Korean language will be given priority.

* Publications in Korean langauge are not eligible.

Eligible Areas

Publications on Korea related to such areas as the humanities, social sciences, art and culture, written in languages other than Korean.

Ineligible Projects

1. Conference proceeding compilations, research papers, and essay collections
2. Periodicals, including special editions
3. Anthologies with more than one-half of the content being previously published articles/essays
4. Museum pamphlets and guidebooks

5. Translation/publication of literary works.

Program Support

Project Items

Program Support (Maximum per project)

Newly written works

Portion of the publication costs (composition, paper, printing, binding)

Domestic publishers: KRW10,000,000 
Overseas publishers: USD10,000

Translation works

Portion of publication costs and translation fees

Domestic publishers: KRW20,000,000 
Overseas publishers: USD20,000

Writer’s remuneration, copyright fees, and proofreading fees are not eligible for program support. For translations, copyright arrangements need to be finalized at the time of application.

Program Schedule

1. Application period: July 1, 2017 to October 2, 2017 18:00
2. Notification of support approval: December 2017
3. Support period: From January to December of 2018

The projects approved for program assistance should be published within 12 months after receipt of the support approval. The program support will be remitted to the publisher after completion of the publication project.

Required Documents

1. Completed Application form

Applicant institution information
Project proposal (download KF form, complete the form, and upload file).

Project budget

2. Supplementary materials (to be uploaded with the online application)

Resume of author/translator for translation works (Download KF form, complete the form, and upload file).
English summary of the manuscript (three to five pages, free format)
For translation works: the original author’s authorization/commentary of the translation (free form)

Applicants are required to submit each document in PDF file format.

3. Full manuscript

A hard copy of the “completed manuscript” should be submitted by postal mail and a soft copy should be submitted by e-mail. In the case of a translation work, the “original book (hard copy)” together with the “completed translation (a hard copy and a soft copy)” should be submitted. The hard copies with the postmark dated on October 2, 2017 will be accepted.

Postal Address:

Mr. Sangil Im
Arts and Culture Department
The Korea Foundation
2558 Nambusunhwanno, Seocho-gu
Seoul 06750

Republic of Korea 

How to Apply

Application should be submitted via the KF Online Application System (http://apply.kf.or.kr)

Evaluation Criteria

1. Usefulness of the publication
2. Significance of the publication
3. Quality of the manuscript
4. Ability of publisher

5. Appropriateness of the budget

Obligations of Support Recipients

1. Acknowledgment of Korea Foundation’s program support as part of the book’s acknowledgement section
2. Provide KF with 10 complimentary copies of the publication and submission of “Completion of Publication Project” report to KF (the report form will be provided to approved support recipients)
3. Offer KF a price discount of at least 30 percent, should KF request the purchase of additional copies of the publication

4. Provide information about the sales and distribution of the publication to KF, upon request


Arts and Culture Department

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