Séminaire EFEO : Conférence du Dr. SONG Kue-jin (Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University), lundi 29 octobre 2012


Conférence du Dr. SONG Kue-jin (Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University) :

« Cooperative Relationships between Japan and the Western Powers Surrounding the Colonial Korea Problem: Focusing on the Processes of Abolishing Foreign Settlements in Korea »

Lundi 29  octobre 2012


de 11h à 12h30

Grand salon du 1er étage

École française d’Extrême-Orient

22 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris


Regional or global, international order is a particular time-boundedpattern in which international issues operate and international relations stabilize. And the dominant force of such order, regardless of what it represents on the surface, is a hegemonic state. While the international community recognized Japan as the hegemony of theinternational order surrounding Korea following the Japan’s victory inthe Russo-Japanese War, it was not an easy task in terms of  the international law to occupy Korea, which was already a member of the international community bounded by modern international treaties. The reason that Japan eventually could have occupied Korea therefore had to do with the international community’s connivance. Even after the recognition, however, maintenance of close cooperation systems with the western powers was necessary for Japan to maintain its control of Korea. This presentation exhibits a concrete example of how did Japan and the western powers solve matters related to the western powers in colonial Korea to maintain the abovementioned system of ‘cooperative imperialism.’


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