Conférence : The worrisome state: Assessing North Korea’s security challenges, 19 octobre 2012

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Conférence : The worrisome state: Assessing North Korea’s security challenges

Vendredi 19 octobre 2012


CERI – 56 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

Salle de conférences



Mark Fitzpatrick, Director, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Programme, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London

Mark Fitzpatrick’s research focus includes nuclear proliferation concerns and preventing nuclear danger in the emerging “nuclear renaissance”. He is the author of The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: Avoiding worst-case outcomes (IISS Adelphi Paper 398, 2008) and was the editor and principal author of the IISS Strategic Dossiers on Preventing Nuclear Dangers in Southeast Asia and Australasia (2009), Nuclear Programmes in the Middle East: in the shadow of Iran (2008), and Nuclear Black Markets: Pakistan, A.Q. Khan and the rises of proliferation networks – A net assessment (2007). Mr Fitzpatrick came to IISS in 2005 after a 26-year career in the US Department of State, where for the previous ten years he focused on non-proliferation issues. In his last posting, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Non-proliferation (acting), responsible for policies to address the proliferation problems posed by Iran, North Korea, Libya, Iraq, South Asia and other regions of concern.

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